Christian Bale in Talks for Danny Boyle's STEVE JOBS Movie

When David Fincher was looking to direct the Aaron Sorkin scripted Steve Jobs biopic for Sony Pictures, word got out that he wanted to cast Christian Bale in the role. Nothing was ever confirmed for that, and it faded away when Fincher walked away from the project and Danny Boyle stepped in. Leonardo DiCaprio was Boyle's top choice to play Jobs, but the actor recently stepped away from negotiations to take a break from acting. 

Now it looks like Bale is actually being considered for the role. THR reports that the actor is in talks with the studio. Apparently Bale was in negotiations with Fox to star in another movie called The Deep Blue Goodbye, but that all went south. Bale is now looking to fill the open spot in his schedule with a meaty role... like Jobs. Bale is currently the top contender for the role, but other actors being considered are Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Bradley Cooper.

The biopic is based on Walter Isaacson's bestselling authorized biography, which was based on more than 40 interviews that the author had with Jobs. As well as interviews with friends, family, and colleagues.

The film itself is said to consist of three long scenes that take place prior to the launches of some of Jobs' most buzzed-about products, including the Mac, NeXT (after Jobs had left Apple), and the iPod

I've been looking forward to this movie since is was first announced and Sorkin came on board to write it. Hopefully Sony can seal the deal and move forward with the production. Bale is an amazing actor and he would be great in the part.

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