Christina Hendricks is Set to Star in THE STRANGERS 2 With Bailee Madison and Lewis Pullman

Remember the horror thriller The Strangers? A freaky horror movie with Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman that made me afraid to answer the door anytime after 10 at night. I still have nightmares. It was a pretty successful film, which was why I was so surprised that it took so long to make the sequel, but apparently a lot of it had to do with finding the right cast to star in it. Well, after nine years, they have finally found the people they want.

The new people who get to be terrorized by the three masked strangers are Christina Hendricks, Bailee Madison, and Lewis Pullman. It takes place after the first Strangers film and is about a family in an abandoned trailer park on a cross-country road trip. Johannes Roberts is directing with the script by original The Strangers writers Bryan Bertino and Ben Ketai.

I personally wonder how this movie will work. Part of the charm of the original film is the relationship of the two characters played by Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler, who were fantastic. It's rare you see such subdued acting in a horror flick. That is why it makes it so scary. It seems real. I also wonder if the sequel will at all connect to the first film. There isn't any deep lore to these movies, which is one of the reasons why it's so scary. To try to give these masked figures an identity would ruin their appeal, but then how do you heighten and raise the stakes? Why make a sequel if not to show a different side of the Strangers? The Strangers 2 begins filming May 30.

Source: Variety

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