Christopher Eccleston Says Marvel Was Dishonest and That He Only Did THOR: THE DARK WORLD For the Money


It's a common understanding among fans of the MCU that Thor: The Dark World is one of the least-liked films in the expanded universe. So, it comes as no surprise and no disappointment that actor Christopher Eccleston is now calling his performance as the film's main villain "Not my greatest moment." 

Eccleston, who played the dark elf Malekith in Thor: The Dark World, is making it clear to Express he didn't enjoy working with Marvel:

"The first couple of days it was about seven hours, eight hours [in make-up]. I think we got it down to six and a half. It's a day's work before [anything]. Marvel were dishonest to me because they never, ever let me know that there'd be that amount of make-up." 

It is understandable that sitting in the makeup chair for that many hours a day would be pretty difficult, but he also made it clear that he only took the job for an easy pay check: "Money. That’s exactly what I felt," he answered when the interviewer suggested that was a good reason to play the villain.

Eccleston doesn't have to worry too much about working for Marvel anytime soon, of all the characters Marvel could bring back from the dead, Malekith is probably at the bottom of the studio's list.

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