Christopher McQuarrie Would Love to Work with Henry Cavill on MAN OF STEEL 2

There’s been a rumor going around that Christopher McQuarrie is going to direct Man of Steel 2. This would of course require the film to actually be a possibility. However, if Man of Steel 2 is announced, there’s a hope that McQuarrie will direct it. It sounds like if they present a decent story, he’d love to work with Henry Cavill again after Mission: Impossible – Fallout. In a recent interview with ScreenRant, McQuarrie was asked point blank about directing the highly demanded sequel and he gave this response:

To me, I’m interested in a good story. That’s really what it is. I mean, when Man of Steel came up, it was because somebody had asked me, did I want to work with Henry again? Which I would in a second. I go through the door that opens.

In addition to Man of Steel 2, many fans are wanting Tom Cruise to be Green Lantern in Worlds of DC and have then attached McQuarrie to the film since most of his movies star Cruise. Unfortunately, it looks like Cruise may not be interested in such a role.

You know, I got to say, Tom and I have never talked about it. We always kind of talk about what we’re working on or what we’re talking about working on next. I think, again, I think if you show them a good story, I think if you showed him a really emotional story, I don’t think, you know, it’s, I can never predict. I can never predict what it is he’s going to be drawn to.

Do you like the idea of McQuarrie directing either of those films? Will Man of Steel 2 actually happen?

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