Christopher Nolan Explains Why He Didn’t Direct BLADE RUNNER 2049

We all have our heroes and inspirations, including famous stars. We also all want to be able to pay tribute to our idols through whatever means we can. Christopher Nolan is no different. You can see the influence Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner had on Nolan’s films from Batman Begins to Interstellar. That’s why some may be shocked to find out that he didn’t want to direct Blade Runner 2049. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times about Nolan’s latest film Dunkirk, Nolan explains why he wouldn’t have wanted to work on this follow-up to one of his favorite films:

There are a lot of movies that are on such a pedestal that to try and either remake them or follow them up would be too tricky. I have to find a way around things. So, like, “Interstellar” is very much, as people would say, in dialogue with “2001 [A Space Odyssey].” You have to find your own way around.

I think that’s very fair. I could only imagine the many different ways you could potentially ruin a movie for yourself. You could accidentally make a carbon copy of the film you love or be hated for trying to continue the story in a direction different than how others envisioned and have many people start to hate you for it. That being said, what did Nolan think of Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049?

It was a real pleasure. I love [director] Denis [Villeneuve]. He bravely took on what he referred to as a suicide mission, following such a huge film that I was such a fan of. I thought he did a great job. Those guys really went for it. You have to admire that.

Nolan was pleased. Critics were pleased. Audiences were pleased. Were you pleased, or would you have preferred to see another director at the helm?

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