Christopher Nolan Predicts BLACK PANTHER Will Get a Best Picture Oscar Nomination Next Year

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight is, in my opinion, one of the best superhero films ever made and it should have been nominated for Best Picture. I feel the same way about last years Logan which was also snubbed. Those films were incredible.

According to Deadline, while speaking to Christopher Nolan at the Governors Ball after-party for this year's Academy Awards, he predicted that Black Panther would get a Best Picture Oscar nomination next year. While that would be cool, and a big step for comic book films, Black Panther isn't even in the same league as The Dark Knight or Logan. Those were just far superior films and in the opinion of a lot of fans, it's not even the best movie in the MCU.

But the report does say that Disney is reportedly planning to campaign for Black Panther during the Award season. 

"A top Disney exec told me flat out that they would be campaigning not only Black Panther for the big prize but also the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns (from director Rob Marshall), which he was raving about, particularly for star Emily Blunt."

It would be great to see a comic book movie finally nominated for an Oscar, but It should have happened years ago with The Dark Knight. There are no details given as to why Nolan thinks Black Panther will be nominated next year.

Do you think Black Panther should be nominated for Best Picture? Would you like to see it get nominated? Do you think it deserves a nomination?

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