CHRISTOPHER ROBIN Will Not Be Released in China Because People Are Comparing The Chinese Leader to Winnie The Pooh

Christopher Robin is opening up to mixed critic reviews, but high praise from audiences. This will likely help it earn a healthy amount at the US box office which is great considering China won’t be airing it at all.

Apparently, many people resisting the communist regime of Xi Jinping are comparing him to Winnie the Pooh which has led China to censor the character like crazy. THR reports that "bloggers have drawn comparisons between the pudgy bear and Xi, which has put the country's censors in overdrive." They go on to say that an insider is claiming the block came from, “the size and scope of the film given the foreign film quota and the fact that there are several new Hollywood tentpoles in the Chinese market right now.”

Personally, I find the former option more likely as HBO was blocked in China after John Oliver mocked Jinping’s sensitivity to being compared to everyone’s favorite yellow bear. Of course, Christopher Robin is not the only Disney film to not be aired in China this year. A Wrinkle in Time was also given a no.

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