CHRONICLE 2 Has a New Screenwriter

After ditching Max Landis' take on Chronicle 2, Fox has hired a new screenwriter to pen the sequel. The writer's name is Jack Stanley, and he's a relative newcomer. 

He wrote spec script for a film called Sweetheart, which tells "the story of a female assassin whose attempt to get out of the biz is thrown awry by her high school reunion." It hit the Black List and helped the writer get his start. He also wrote a werewolf thriller called Silver. Neither of those projects have been produced yet, but they are in the process. 

The version that Landis was developing was too dark for the studio, which wanted to take it in a different direction. Landis ultimately created the story, so it would have been great to see his vision of how it continued. Hopefully Stanley is able to deliver a script that fans can enjoy. 

Via: Deadline