The Classic Arcade Game GALAGA is Being Made Into Animated Series

If there is one thing that we have learned from the years of people making video game movies, its that rarely do they turn out good. I mean, I always want them to. Fingers crossed hard for Mega Man, but often, the better idea is to create an animated TV series. Which is exactly what Bandi Namco is planning.

Bandi Namco Entertainment has teamed up with Nuttery Entertainment to create an animated series based on the classic game Galaga. You remember that game? With such memorable characters as... um... the ship... and, uh... the other bug ships? Ok. So maybe this could be interesting. Do they have a plan though? Yes they do!

Nuttery is planning on creating characters and lore for the game to make it more interesting and exciting. The series is called Galaga Chronicles, and Magnus Jansson who works with Nuttery Entertainment has high hopes for it.

We are incredibly honored to be able to work on such an amazing legacy property and help launch it into the animated space. There is such a deep love for this game from fans around the world, and our team is excited to make sure the next chapter in the Galaga saga is equally impressive and inspiring as its humble 8-bit beginnings.

Executive of Bandai Namco also added his hopes for this new series.

While the re-imagining of the game into animation will be unique and, for the first time in Galaga's history, story- and character-based, there is also a great respect for its history.

I'll be honest, this sounds kinda cool. There aren't a lot of space cartoons right now, and the ones we do have are just Star Wars this and that. Plus they care about their roots. They want to make something while respecting the classic. I can't wait to see what kind of characters they come up with. And of course, with it being based on a game, chances are we will see a game version of the animated series to come out eventually as well. Finger's crossed that it won't suck like some game to movie to game releases. *cough cough* Street Fighter the movie the game *cough cough*.

Via: Variety

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