Classic Arcade Style Mug with Joystick Handle

I'm not really a mug guy, but this classic arcade inspired mug design is pretty damn cool. As you can see, it features the classic Space Invaders arcade game, but my favorite part is the joystick handle. This is perfect for anyone who enjoys endless cups of coffee power ups. 

Sure, we can play our old favorites like Space Invaders on emulators. But there was just something about standing in a room filled with the buzz of neon and sticky floors, inserting a quarter, and playing on a real upright as onlookers gathered 'round. Important difference: joystick instead of a keyboard. That was a time when quarters bought happiness (and frustration). Continue...?

I spent an insane amount of time in my local arcade growing up, and it's kind of sad that those kinds of arcades don't exist anymore. Keep the memories alive by buying one of these mugs over on Think Geek for only $13. 

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