Classic Comic Covers Recreated in LEGO

ArtComic Book LEGO by Eli Reyes

Photo Credit: monsterbrick

Comic Bricks, a series of comic book covers recreated in LEGO, was on display at Designer Con in Los Angeles this past weekend. Part of the GeekTyrant team was there at Designer Con, and say that the series was a definite highlight of the convention. Some high quality photos of the LEGO art pieces have made their way online, and they are all really impressive. I’m especially blown away by the interpretations that relied less on Minifigures and veered closer to the flat, 2D backgrounds and elements of those classic original covers. Some of them went the extra mile by adding titles, price tags, issue numbers, and other fun details. Taking something inherently three-dimensional to recreate intricate two-dimensional art is quite a tall task, and the artists didn’t disappoint.

Photo Credit: monsterbrick

Photo Credit: Graznador

Photo Credit: polywen

Photo Credit: Tommy Williamson

Photo Credit: SPARKART!

The following photos below come from GeekTyrant.

Thanks to io9! Be sure to check out more LEGO covers here.

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