Classic Horror Movies Reimagined as GOOSEBUMPS Books

Psycho - Alfred Hitchcock - 1960

I read and owned something like 55-60 Goosebumps books growing up. I probably would have only made it though a few of them, though, had the stories been as jacked up as these classic horror films that have been reimagined as books from R.L. Stine’s popular children's book series. The covers and blurbs from designer Theodore Holmstead-Scott and writer Jude Deluca do a perfect job of making these stories seem much tamer than they really are.

We’ve included some of our favorites below, but be sure to check out the many more covers they’ve created on their Tumblr, If It Were Stine. They also reimagine modern horror films and TV shows, and even model video games on the choose-your-own-adventure-type books from the Goosebumps series.

By the time the television series based on these books came out, I had already outgrown them. I wasn’t too excited about the movie coming out, which stars Jack Black as Stine, but everyone we talked to who saw the panel at Comic-Con was surprised by how good the movie looked. To check out the latest photos from that film, click here.

The Shining - Stanley Kubrick - 1980

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Tobe Hooper - 1974

Carrie - Brian De Palma - 1976

Night of the Living Dead - George A. Romero - 1968

Halloween - John Carpenter - 1978

Fright Night - Tom Holland - 1985

The Thing - John Carpenter - 1982

Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror - F. W. Murnau - 1922

The Fog - John Carpenter - 1980

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