CLIFFHANGER Remake Is Moving Forward

Sylvester Stallone's wonderfully terrible 1993 action thriller Cliffhanger is getting the remake treatment. It's kind of been gestating for awhile with producer Neal Moritz and Studio Canal, but they are ready to actually move it into production. They’ve hired Joe Gazzam to write the screenplay after he pitched his take on the movie. They obviously liked the direction he wanted to take the story.

The original Renny Harlin-directed mountain climbing film focused on a traumatized mountain climber, who is forced back into an expedition after a plane crash leaves a lot of stolen cash and bad guys scattered across the Rocky Mountains.

I haven't seen the original movie in years, but I do remember when I first saw it, and how laughably bad it was. I'm sure it's even worse after all these years. I seriously can't believe someone wanted to remake this movie. It looks like the 90s are coming back in style! 

Source: Deadline