Clifton Collins Jr. Cast in ANT-MAN?

It looks like character actor Clifton Collin Jr. has joined Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and maybe Michael Peña in Marvel's Ant-Man. The actor has been in a ton of films that include Pacific Rim, Star Trek, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and a lot more movies and TV shows.

The news comes from Latino-Reviews Mario-F. Robles who Tweeted,

Clifton Collins Jr (Pacific Rim) will be in Marvel's "Ant-Man." As of now, he's the only other main actor signed, aside from Rudd & Douglas.

Nothing is set in stone or official at this point, but it would be pretty awesome to see Collins Jr. in the film. He's a talented actor, and an extremely nice guy. The fact that he's briefly worked with director Edgar Wright before also adds a little weight to the news, but let's wait and see how it plays out. 

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