COIN OPERATED Is an Imaginative Animated Short That Tells the Story of a Boy Who Wants to Rocket Into Space


"Becoming a space explorer takes time. And money." 

I’ve got a wonderfully charming and imaginative animated short for you to watch today called Coin Operated.

The film was created by Nicholas Arioli, and the story centers on a young boy who is inspired to rocket into space. The short film is only five minutes long, but it spans the course of 70 years as this boy saves up all his money to fulfill his dream.

The short is similar in concept to another animated short we previously shared called One Small Step. But this one still stands on its own and is very well-made. It’s a delightful story that I think you’ll all enjoy. It’s both sweet and a little depressing, but it’s definitely worth watching!

I really like the visual and animation style of the short, but it’s the story that really grabs you. I hope you enjoy Coin Operated.

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