Comic Book Characters Featured in Cool Movie Poster Art Collection


I've got an awesome collection of art for you to check out that features several comic book characters featured in poster art for movies that you should all be familiar with. The art is part of the CBR's latest The Line is Drawn challenge. These are a few of the better ones, but to see more, click here. I've included the list of artists for each piece at the bottom of the post.

Cassandra Cain in Kill Bill by CYNTHIA SOUSA

Star Lord in Big Trouble in Little China by AXEL MEDELLIN

The Joker in Stephen King’s IT by PHILIP HORTON

Shockwave in High Fidelity by MARCO D’ALFONSO 

Spectre in Ghostbusters by NICK PERKS

Conan in The 40 Year Old Virgin by CHAZ FOLGAR

Nightwing & Batgirl in Blade Runner by ROGAN JOSH 

Emma Frost in Breakfast at Tiffany’s by MONICA MUNSTER 

Speed Racer in Drive by DAVID BRANSTETTER

The X-Men in Casablanca by GENE GUILMETTE 

Via: XombieDirge

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