Comic-Themed Restaurant and Bar ComicX to Open in Phoenix Area

Mexico-based superhero-themed restaurant ComicX is set to open its first US location in the Desert Ridge Shopping Center this summer! The restaurant will have a similar vibe to The Hard Rock Cafe, but with superhero and supervillain art, figurines, and memorabilia. The menu is American and includes yummy classics like wings, burgers, pizzas, nachos and salads.

The concept was founded by four friends in Mexico who wanted to combine their love of good food and comic books. They already have multiple locations in Mexico, and this is just a no-brainer restaurant idea. The US is the logical next step for these restaurateurs, and I think they will be wildly successful. Imagine if they opened up locations in San Diego, at Downtown Disney, in Los Angeles; the options are major.

I hope these guys are super successful, and I can’t wait to take my kids (and husband). How about you guys? Would you frequent a joint like this?


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