Comical Mashup of Tons of '80s Cartoon Intros Results in One Absurd Fake Show

Remember how seemingly every cartoon series from the 1980s had a long introduction that explained its high concept to you in great detail? YouTuber Jared does, because he's taken a bunch of those openings, added his own voiceover, and edited them into one long intro for an insane fake show called Dash Swordslash and the Defenders of Everything. It starts out fairly normally, but you'll get the joke pretty quickly when he keeps introducing wave after wave of heroes and villains. It reminds me a bit of Too Many Cooks, but not nearly as long (or as in-depth).

Personal favorite? Abracabastard. (Warning: NSFW language.) After you check this out, make sure to read Joey's editorial about 17 action figures/cartoons from the '80s that could be awesome movies.

Via: Uproxx

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