COMMUNITY Re-Edited With No Jokes, All Plot

What happens when you remove all the funny parts from a show like Community and leave only the plot? Well, besides shortening the episode immensely (there were some jokes that had to stay in just for the plot to make sense), it comes off like a bad CW drama — or a good one, depending on your tastes. This whole project is the brain child of one Tunglebrek, who wishes to remove all comedy from popular sitcoms.  What's left is a jumble of dialogue that's funny in a weird deadpan way.

So how did Community stack up to other sitcoms? It was shorter than Curb Your Enthusiasm  but not even close to the brevity of The Office and Everybody Loves Raymond. One could make the assumption that having less time dedicated to plot is an indicator of which show is funniest, but if you're operating off that belief be warned that The Big Bang Theory is less than half the length of Community. If the world exists with the belief The Big Bang Theory is better than Community, I don't wish to be a part of it.

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