Compelling X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Photos Reveal Dark History and Future

FOX has released a video and a set of photos as part of a viral marketing campaign for X-Men: Days of Future Past. You can find them on a website called 25 Moments. It gives us a compelling look at the dark past and future in an alternate universe in which mutants are being hunted down.

It gives us a timeline from where we left off with X-Men: First Class. As it moves through the timeline and into the future, things start to get worse, and mutants die. Some of these might be considered SPOILER type stuff, so if you move ahead and you see or read something you didn't want to, then it's your fault… starting now.

Some of the photos feature Magneto at the JFK assassination; Quicksilver breaking world records; Baby Colossus; Mutants helping repair the Golden Gate Bride from The Last Stand; Trask Industries taking over Xavier's School for Gifted; A peaceful protest ending in bloodshed when the Sentinels kill Angel; and more. 

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