Concept Art of Al Pacino as Lestat in INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE

Via: CBM

Did you know that at one time Al Pacino was rumored to be up for the role of Lestat in the 1994 feature film adaptation of Interview with a Vampire? Even though Tom Cruise ended up in the role, the studio apparently wanted to see what Al Pacino would look like as the character. They hired concept artist Miles Teves from Stan Winston Studios to give them idea of that vision. Teves said,

"For a short time, at the beginning of the production, Al Pacino was rumored to have wanted the role of LeStat [sic]. I provided this image to help the studio make a decision. His presence as an actor, though an unusual choice, might have infused the character with more gravitas. Few command the screen like the indomitable Pacino."

It would have been interesting to see Pacino in this role, but I'm kind of glad he didn't end up in the role. I thought Cruise did a great job in it. I've also included a few other bits of concept art for the film featuring Cruise as the Lestat. 

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