Concept Trailer for a Gene Roddenberry Biopic about the Origins of STAR TREK

There’s an interesting looking Gene Roddenberry biopic in development called The Pilot, which chronicles the story of how Star Trek came to be.

The film is being developed by James Darling, who cut together a proof-of-concept trailer for the independent film using footage from other films, concept art, location photos, storyboards, and some archival footage. 

There’s a lot of crap that Roddenberry had to go through to actually get Star Trek made. There’s a pretty incredible history with this series, and it would make a great story for a film. It’s awesome to see someone actually attempting to make it happen.

I came across the news at AICN, and they say the script is outstanding. The filmmakers are still in the process of getting financing, and they are currently making their final big push. The concept trailer basically lays out the size and scope of the film and the story they are setting out to tell. Check it out!

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