Contrary to the Rumors, Director Rian Johnson Is Still Developing His STAR WARS Trilogy

Yesterday a rumor spread across the internet like wildfire that Rian Johnson was no longer developing his original Star Wars trilogy for Lucasfilm that would be set in a different corner of the universe.

That rumor originated at SuperBroMovies, and that post has since been removed from their site. Why? Because Johnson took to Twitter to debunk the rumor and confirm that he is very much still developing it. Here are a couple Tweets that he sent out in response to the rumor.

I’m sure the fans of Johnson will be happy to hear that news. I am! I’m stoked about the fact that we are going to get a series of new Star Wars movies that will introduce us to a new storyline with new characters in a new corner of the universe.

I’m really curious to see what the Star Wars franchise will belike without any of the pre-established characters or worlds. And if you’re not excited for Johnson’s take on this, don’t worry, the Game of Thrones showrunners are also developing a trilogy of Star Wars films like this as well!

I just hope that these new films that are being developed end up giving the fans something that they’ll enjoy. I’m tired of the Star Wars arguments. I’d like to see some new films that unite the fans again.

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