Cool Details on Batman's Calculated Attack on Superman in BATMAN V SUPERMAN

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is built around the fact that two of our favorite superheroes are going to fight each other. That's the main draw of the movie and a story has been built around that which will lead audiences into Justice League. I'm incredibly excited to see how the fight sequences between Batman and Superman play out in the movie. We've seen bits and pieces of it in the trailers, but I imagine that's just a very brief glimpse at what director Zack Snyder has in store for us. 

In a recent interview with EW, Snyder spoke about Batman and how he takes on Superman. It's just not wearing a suit of armor that gives Batman the upper hand — his greatest weapon is his mind. When talking about their differences in fighting style, the director explained the following:


“Superman doesn’t have to be as much of a chess player as Batman,” says Snyder. Superman has might on his side, but before the fists start flying, we see an armored Batman placing various traps in an abandoned stockyard, then walking along and driving a Kryptonite spear into the ground. “He paces it off,” Snyder says. “Then when he throws Superman, the spear is right there. So you’re like, wait a minute, did he [plan] every bit? He know every move?”

That's the Batman I was really hoping to see in this movie! He's going to out-maneuver the shit out of Superman. It sounds like Snyder actually captured what makes each of these characters so awesome and iconic. I also included a new TV spot below that shows off some footage of these heroes slugging it out.

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