Cool Interview With Internet Filmmaker Who Makes B Movies From His Home

Filmmaking is hard. It takes hundreds of people on staff to make one film look good, and working by yourself is often times not an option if you want quality. Richard R.G. Miller doesn't let a lack of budget, help, or quality get him down, though, and he's been pushing out films on his YouTube channel for over five years now!

Like I mentioned earlier, the quality is far from fantastic, but it's damn impressive what he's managed to accomplish using the things he finds around his home!

I think this guy should serve as an inspiration to all filmmakers out there. He doesn't let low view counts get him down, he's just doing what he loves, and it's changed his life for the better. Check out this interview Great Big Story did with him to see all the stuff that goes into his films, and check out a clip from one of his latest movies — "The Mask Man" — below! Keep plugging away, Richard!

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