Cool New Details For Batman's Two New Suits in JUSTICE LEAGUE

The Justice League movie news continues to roll in, and now we have some cool new details regarding the costumes and looks that some of the characters will be sporting in the film. In this article, I'm going to focus on Ben Affleck's Batman.

Batman will have two different suits in the film. One of them is called the "Classic Batsuit" which will be worn throughout most of film. It's basically the same suit Batman wore in the previous film, but this one has been tweaked and improved. In an interview with, costume designer Michael Wilkinson said:

"People who look very closely might notice that we have these new armor plates underneath the mesh, the carbon fiber weave on his suit. So we thought it would be cool for him to have a few very carefully placed pieces of armor hidden underneath his bat suit. The seaming is [underneath], also; we cannot put this very graphic way of doing the seaming that we like for the breakup of the suit."

Wilkinson went on to reveal that The Dark Knight will also be given a new cowl, and he explains some of the differences we'll see:

"We've come up with a new cowl. It's very close to the last one, but again new technologies, new materials (now made from polyurethane instead of foam latex), tweaking has allowed us to take that one even further. One big new detail is that Zack wanted the idea that there's a little more sense of armor and deflection on his gauntlets when he is shot at. So I designed this thing based on a Samurai. We borrowed it from Bruce Wayne's history too, so it has a connection with Asian martial arts in Japan. So I thought that would be perfect. We modernized it to the Wayne Tech aesthetic here. We changed the straight shank of the blade from last time. It's something a little more aggressive."

The second Batman suit is called the "Tactical Batsuit," which has been upgraded with more protection so that the caped crusader will be able to better handle more powerful threats that come his way at the end of the film.

"So in the final chapter of our film, Batman realizes he has to step up his game a little bit and he and Alfred have been working on developing a suit that's even more protective and offers more deflection than the classic suit. So in a sense, it's a piece of armor..."

Wilkinson then revealed some of the details:

"We won't shoot this for about two months, which seems like two years in the costuming world. But we have two months to develop this. This is the artwork here. So you can see the classic suit underneath, but on top are straps and layers of the carbon fiber, strengthening armor plates, he's got sort of a leather layer upon here that he is strapping all over his plates onto the wrapping around his body and offering just a little more protection than the old. He's also going to get a new cowl with some new tech details and that gives him even more protection. We're going to do some goggles for him, a new tech cape made out of our carbon fiber weave."

He then expanded on Batman's goggles, explaining:

"We loved the way in the comic books he's always drawn with white flashes of eyes, so we thought of cool ways of doing it. We liked the way that they catch the light and give that classic image from the comic books. But he'll also be piloting a new vehicle that he will need these goggles for."

Both of these suits and all of the upgrades that have been made for them are there to strengthen Batman and give him the ability to stay strong and kick ass. Especially against the deadly villainous threats that he will be going up against. 

I loved the look of Batman in Batman v Superman. That one of the things they got right, and I'm excited to see what these two new suits look like. 

Justice League will open in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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