Cool New SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Set Photos Show Tom Holland in Costume

A bunch of new photos have surfaced from the set of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming and these ones feature Tom Holland wearing his Spidey underoos. It looks like our hero will be hitching a ride on the back of a semi-truck hauling some concrete tubing. We can only guess what he’s up to, but the backpack suggests that maybe he was called into action before, during, or after school. Looper offers the following details:

We know this: according to our source, Holland arrived on the set in Atlanta, Georgia, at around 7 a.m. on June 27 to film two scenes, shooting for about 12 hours that day. The first was a bus scene, where the kids take a trip to Washington D.C. These photos, however, come from the second scene, in which Spider-Man runs alongside a cement truck and jumps onto it. The running scenes reportedly will be completed using CGI, but the action scenes where Spider-Man jumps onto the truck were pure Holland, and not a stunt double. This is even more impressive considering that the temperatures in Atlanta hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit during filming.

So whatever is happening here is happening in Washington, D.C. Even though we don’t really know what is going on here, one thing we do know is Spider-Man’s costume is slick as hell. Check out the photos below! To see some previously released set photos that aren't as cool, click here.

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