Cool Poster Art for John Carpenter's THE THING

John Carpenter’s The Thing is a favorite sci-fi horror film for a lot of movie geeks. It’s just a terrifying film, and the crazy blood, gore, and creature effects have stood the test of time. I still get a little queasy when I watch this movie!

Today we’ve got a cool piece of poster art to share with you for the film that was created by artist Matthew Peak. It’s pretty great work and does a great job at capturing the tone of the film.

There are two different prints for the The Thing art. Both prints measure 24 x 36 inches and have a glow in the dark layer. The regular on the left has an edition of 225 that costs $65, while the variant on the right has a more limited edition of 125 and costs $75.

They are currently on sale over at the Bottleneck Gallery, if there are any left.


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