Cool Potential Live-Action TOM & JERRY Concept Art Leaked

This week, the first piece of concept art for the live action/animated hybrid Tom & Jerry was leaked. Daniel Richtman from over at SuperBroMovies posted the photo to his twitter this week, but it was promptly removed by the studio, I assume. It was taken off of most sites I could find, as most of them linked directly to his twitter, but I was able to find a screen shot from a European site called Here’s the picture they shared:

tom and jerry jlaw.jpg

And just to clarify, Richtman explained that Jennifer Lawrence is currently in no way connected with the film, as this is just a concept picture including who they’d like to cast/what they’d like the movie to look like. But he did say that, “It does however confirm the movie will have a female human as the lead.” So, that’s what we know for now, as well as that Tim Story (Ride Along) is on board to direct.

I think this looks cute and like something my kids will enjoy. How about you? Are you excited about a live-action Tom & Jerry?

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