Cool Trailer for VSauce YouTube Series MIND FIELD

Everyone who reads this site should be familiar with YouTuber Michael Stevens, aka Vsauce. For years, his videos about the human mind, science, and other topics of the sort have netted him a popular fanbase that equals over 11 million subscribers! Those who watch him enjoy his entertaining and interesting videos that teach them things while simultaneously blowing their minds!

That looks to be what Mind Field is all about. Mind Field takes your typical 12 minute Vsauce video and blows it wide open with a full-length series jam-packed with experiments, high production quality, and more! One thing I saw I'm particularly excited for is the experiment where he sits in a white room in solitary confinement for three days!

The only real downside is this documentary will only be available to those who have YouTube Red, which is the premium version of YouTube. Has anyone tried it out? Is it worth having? 

Look out for Mind Field on YouTube Red January 18th!

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