Cool Video Explores How Sam Raimi's THE EVIL DEAD Inspired The Coen Bros. RAISING ARIZONA


I've got a fantastic video here from Fandor called The Coen Brothers Raise the Evil Dead and it explores how the classic film Raising Arizona was inspired by the work that Sam Raimi did on The Evil Dead. I didn't know that this small group of talented filmmakers were working very closely together in their early years as filmmakers just starting their careers. 

One thing the video points out is how both movies use a similar makeshift camera rig to help get the cool POV shots that can travel and move around and over certain obstacles such as the demon racing through the forest in Evil Dead

The video from Philip Brubaker includes archival footage and interviews with the directors, along with shot-by-shot comparisons, showing us how these films are so visually similar. As a fan of both of these films, this was an enjoyable video with some insight that I never realized before. 

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