Corey Feldman Assured Fans That a GOONIES Sequel is Not Happening


Over the years fans have had hope that one day we might see a sequel to the classic 80s adventure film The Goonies. That hope has mostly been fueled by director Richard Donner, who has said he was 1000% certain it was going to happen. The director even said that Steven Spielberg came up with a story for the sequel.

I’m one of the fans that have been holding out for hope even though I know deep down that it probably won’t happen. It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on what might be going on with the sequel, and the latest update we have is that nothing is going on with it.

TMZ recently caught up with original Goonies star Corey Feldman and asked if the sequel was actually on the way at some point. He went on to shut down the idea, saying:

"What Goonies reunion? There's no damn Goonies reunion. No man, that's a rumor. We did a few comic cons, just appearances together. But that's it, there's no campaign, there's no Goonies 2 happening."

During a panel at Fan Expo Boston earlier this year, Feldman and co-star Sean Astin explained that Donner talked so much about a sequel and got them all excited, but then nothing would happen:

“Every year, the rumor circulates, ‘Goonies 2 is definitely gonna happen now,’ and we’ll be like, ‘No, it’s not,’ But Richard Donner at one point started fueling it himself and went to the press. He used to call us and tell us we were going back to work, and we’d get all excited, and then it wouldn’t happen [laughs].”

That’s a shame. Obviously Donner has wanted to make this movie, but for one reason or another, it just didn’t happen.

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