Corey Feldman Says an All Female LOST BOYS Reboot Would Be a Bad Idea

With Ghostbusters coming out next week, everyone is trying to get in on that sweet drama surrounding it. This includes Corey Feldman, who out of nowhere has commented that he thinks an all-female reboot of The Lost Boys would be a terrible idea. The actor spoke to Movieweb about why he thought the move would not be positive...

After what happened with ‘Ghostbusters’, I would veer to stay away from that idea. I’m not a hater. I encourage all artistic endeavors. And I support anything as long it’s good. I just hate seeing crap, and I hate seeing schlock. And I hate seeing when they take a very valuable and positive franchise and destroy it with something that sounds like a really good idea, but is not.

So, to me…I’m a firm believer in giving the fans what we know they want. And give it to them the way they want it. It’s always nice to throw some surprises in there. But I am also not a believer in the reboot. I do not think it is a good idea. I don’t like it. I think when fans want a sequel to their favorite films, they want to see their favorite characters, and their favorite actors playing those characters, and they want to know where those characters are ten years later, or a few years later. And that is the fun of a sequel.

Now in Corey's defense, supposedly the original sequel for Lost Boys was pitched to be an all female cast version of the film! That was decades ago mind you, in a far less PC world.

I guess if no one else will say it I we really need another Lost Boys film, period? I wasn't a fan of the second one, so why the hell would I sit through a potential fourth installment is all I'm saying! Still cool to know the world hasn't changed as much as people think it has though.

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