Cosplayer Snowboards in a MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM Costume

Mobile Suit Gundam is probably the most famous mech anime around. At least in the top 3. One question that I’m not sure was ever answered though is whether an RX-78-2 Gundam (complete with beam saber and shield) could snowboard. Well, some cosplayers have taken the task upon themselves to discover if such a feat is possible. Twitter user @kuroken01 shared a video recently of a cosplayer wearing an RX-78-2 Gundam costume snowboarding and it’s impressive how well he seems to be able to move around. Now, the snowboarding Gundam doesn’t do anything crazy (just going down a mountain), but it’s still cool to see. I just wish the snowboard had been his shield.

Other pictures show that this must have been a group event as there’s a blue Zaku and Char among others in costume. Who would you want to see a cosplay of snowboarding?

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