Crazy Short Film LOST BOY Is a Futurist Robot Story We Need to See More of

Seven minutes flew by as I was ushered into the desolate future world of "Lost Boy." I knew this was a short film going in...but usually when they end I'm comfortable with the time we spent together! That's not the case this time, as I think this concept is a glimpse into an exciting new franchise for science fiction as a genre. Read the official description and continue reading below...

Year unknown. Population Zero. Welcome to LOST BOY.

Following in the footsteps of SUNDAYS, their debut concept short success which turned heads worldwide last year, comes LOST BOY, the hugely awaited punk sci-fi feature project which is next in-line from visionary outfit PostPanic Pictures.

Directed by Ash Thorp and Anthony Scott Burns, this LOST BOY concept short lays down the gauntlet once again by showcasing the creative ambitions of Hollywood’s next generation of storytellers.

LOST BOY is an ambitious sci-fi concept heavily influenced by the American action classics and Japanese samurai films. LOST BOY represents the second feature in a series of director-driven film projects from the Amsterdam-based production company, PostPanic Pictures.

I really like the mixture of using modern CGI to essentially polish classic '80s sci-fi effects. We've seen that done with a couple films in the past like Turbo Kid and Kung Fury...but never in a serious regard like this. Hopefully, we will see more of it as time goes on, and more of Lost Boy! I'm a fan, and I'll take a sequel any time they're ready!

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