Crazy Trailer For a Sci-Fi Comedy About Killer Gingerbread Men From Space

I've got a hilarious trailer for you to watch for a film that is called Gingerbread: The Motion Picture, and it's a sci-fi comedy about killer Gingerbread men from outer space. The film is described as having "a dash of Alien, a pinch of Gremlins, and lots of explosions and killer robots!"

The movie has completed shooting, and is currently in the post-production process. The filmmakers started a Kickstarter campaign to get the funding so that they can finish their film. They are looking for help to finish the final animation, rendering, sound effects, and mixing.

10+ years in the making, this indie project has already been shot and edited. All we need now is finishing funds to complete the special effects. Gingerbreed is destined to become a cult classic. (we hope!) 
Gingerbreed is created by Szymon Weglarski and Jonathan Dorfman. Emmy award winning VFX artists and owners of HiFi 3D, an animation studio in Brooklyn NY.
What motivated us to make Gingerbreed was our shared love for all things sci-fi, comedy and special effects. And we've been working on it for over 10 years, which might seem a little nuts. But it's just something we're so passionate about, that we've kept it going for so long. We love our cast and the craft of film-making and special effects.

After watching this insane trailer for the film, I hope they finish their film so I can watch it. This movie looks like it will be a ton of fun. 

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