Crazy Trailer For The Thriller ASSASSINATION NATION - "Nothing Unites Us Like a Good Tragedy"

The first teaser trailer has been released for a crazy looking new thriller called Assassination Nation, which tells the story of how the people in the small town of Salem start to lose their minds when someone starts sharing details from the digital private lives of everyone in the town. Didn't Homer Simpson do that once? Anyway, this looks like it will be a lot darker. Here's the synopsis for the film, which premieres at Sundance:

High school senior Lily and her crew of besties live in a haze of texts, posts, selfies, and chats—just like the rest of us. So when a provocateur starts posting details from the private digital lives of everyone in their small town of Salem, the result is a Category 5 shitstorm. We’re talking browser histories, direct messages, illegal downloads, secret text chains, and way, way, way worse. People get angry. Like, “rampaging murder posse” angry. And Lily finds herself right in the middle.

Writer and director Sam Levinson is said to have created "a wickedly fun and irrepressibly stylish exploration of the ugliest parts of human nature. The result is so insane that it feels prescient: a searing parable on the verge of becoming breaking news."

The movie stars Odessa Young, Suki Waterhouse, Hari Nef, Abra, Bill Skarsgard and Bella Thorne. David S. Goyer (Man of Steel) is also a producer on the film. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think!

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