Creepy NIGHT TERRORS Game App Turns Your House into a Horror Movie

There's an awesomely terrifying new game app being developed called Night Terrors, and it brings ghosts into your home, turning it into your very own horror movie that you get to experience. The app was funded on Indiegogo, and it looks like an amazing experience for anyone who wants to have the shit scared out of them. Here's a description of what the game entails:

It's a highly immersive, photorealistic, binaural, AUGMENTED REALITY survival horror game for mobile devices. Gameplay takes place at home, after dark, with the lights off and your headphones on. 
Think about a system that understands where you are in your environment, and is able to exploit that information in order to create an unbelievable augmented reality experience.  
Think about playing a game where the storyline involves you. Consider a future full of movies you star in, experiences that seem real, and scenarios, in our case, that are freakishly frightening. 
This is in your house. This is in your apartment. This is in your environment. 
This is Night Terrors.

The game controls what you see, what you hear, and where you go.  Your device's LED is all the light you get.  The camera and microphone feeds are analyzed and processed in real time.  Photorealistic elements are added to the camera feed.  Audio is spatialized, mixed with the microphone feed, and then routed to the headphones delivering an immersive binaural audio experience.

By using your camera phone, it makes a map of your entire home. Then it uses augmented reality to place nightmarish ghosts and demons on your phone to make them look like they are in your house. All players have to do is save a girl and survive. The real challenge of this is figuring out how to do that. For more information or to help fund the project click here

This is an ambitious game and it sounds absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to play it when it's available! Here's a video that explains the game. 

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