Crunchyroll and Fathom Events Are Partnering Up for 2019


I feel like more and more people are into anime these days, and it is awesome. There are even a handful of streaming services dedicated to anime. Now one of those services, a small one called Crunchyroll, is partnering up with Fathom Events in the year 2019 to provide Crunchyroll Movie Nights. The frequency of said movie nights was not made clear to me, but I imagine it will probably be one a month, with the first one happening January 5, 2019.

On January 5, fans will be able to see a sneak peek at the first episode from Mob Psycho 100 II, which is the second season of the show. That’s not all though, as fans will get to see the OVA Mob Psycho 100 REIGEN The Miraculous Unknown Psychic, which will serve as a recap for season one. Fans will also be treated to a special greeting from Setsuo Ito who voices the protagonist Shigeo Kageyama. That’s quite a treat if you’re a fan. You can go over to Crunchyroll and watch the OVA now, but if you go see it on January 5, you’ll be able to see it on the big screen.

If you want to see this event, tickets can be purchased through Fathom Events. If you are a Crunchyroll subscriber, they are on sale now, and if you’re not, you can start purchasing tickets on December 7.

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