Custom-Made GAME OF THRONES Woodcut Action Figures

Via:  The Awesomer

This series of custom-made, Game of Thrones woodcut action figures comes from artist Mick Minogue. All of the characters represented here are battered and beaten. The series is part of the ' Winter Is Coming', A Song of Fire and Ice art show at the Ltd. Gallery, in Seattle. This is what the artist had to say about his creation,

"When making work for the show we were asked not to make any reference to the HBO game of Thrones show. We could only take our influence from the series of books. This was a great idea for the artists to go deep into their imaginations and not work off likeness of or create homages to the actors involved in the TV series.

I have wanted to make a little collection of figures based on the series for a long time. This seemed like the perfect opportunity so I created 8 action figures all based around a 'Battle Damage' theme. I picked 8 characters who have been battered bruised or have some iconic scaring for their troubles. It was very hard to cap it at 8 as there was so many to choose from. Who knows I might just keep making more.

Each figure is a one of a kind hand painted woodcut."

I love the bloody violent nature of these adorable designs.

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