D&D Beyond Introduces Early Alpha Stage of Discord Integration

If you play Dungeons & Dragons online, you may use Discord to do audio (and possibly video) chat with your players. Well, D&D Beyond has just announced a new feature for Discord that may help your game run a little smoother. They are releasing a bot that will be able to help roll dice, provide quick information on conditions, or even give a stat block for your monsters. The feature sounds really cool, but it is in early Alpha so expect plenty of bugs and don’t expect too much content. You can check out a little bit of the action below or head on over to their Twitch to see the full Developer’s Update.

Personally, while I think this is a fun and useful tool, I think I would’ve preferred if the people working on this had instead been working on different projects like the encounter builder or a maps program or something else that is a bit more integral to their website (or you know, the whole character sheets on the apps thing that everyone is wanting). After all, not everyone that uses their site uses Discord. What do you think of this Discord integration though?

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