D&D Beyond Reveals Smaller Bundles

For one of my Dungeons & Dragons games, my DM has us using D&D Beyond. He has the “Legendary Bundle” and a Master Tier subscription that means I get access to everything as long as I’m in one of his campaigns.

While this has been nice, I also DM a game and my DM is not included, which means that campaign doesn’t get all the same tools which has led to me restricting my players a little bit. Yes, I could buy the “Legendary Bundle,” but it costs over $400. That’s a considerable amount of money and I never use premade adventures (yet), so I’d be buying a lot of books that I never use.

Well, I’m not the only one that thinks the “Legendary Bundle” has gotten to be too much. D&D Beyond has finally released two new smaller bundles, the “Sourcebook Bundle” and the “Adventures Bundle.”

It should be pretty easy to guess what is included in each of the bundles based on their names. Essentially, anything that D&D has labeled as an Adventure module will be in the “Adventures Bundle,” and everything else goes into the “Sourcebook Bundle.” Each of these bundles is currently less than $250, meaning they’re a lot more affordable and if you’re simply a player and never a DM, why would you want the adventures?

The one trade off is that if you purchase the “Legendary Bundle,” you unlock a 15% discount on all future materials that you buy through D&D Beyond. These smaller bundles only feature a 10% discount for the books that fit into the bundle you purchase.

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