Daniel Craig Indicates He Might Not Be Done With James Bond After All


I swear we've confirmed and retracted Daniel Craig's status with James Bond so many times in the past year, I forgot where we left off when we last reported on the topic. The important thing is that Birth Movies Death is reporting Craig doesn't seem like he's leaving like we all thought he was. In his first interview since the premiere of Spectre, Craig danced around the question in the ninety minutes he was interviewed. 

After several cryptic responses and debunking of the story that he was offered $150 million to do two more Bond films, Craig said this:

"Were I to stop doing it, I'd miss it terribly," is definitely a strong step away from "I'd rather slit my wrists." I guess a lot can change in a year! 

If I remember right, I feel like a lot of speculation was that Craig didn't want to spend what years he had left in acting on the set of Bond films that kept him away from other projects. After a year of cameo appearances and other films, maybe he had a change of heart? There's still no official word as to whether Craig will be in the next James Bond film. 

I sure hope so. I would hate for Spectre to have been his last film considering its quality was substantially weaker than his other three. Bringing back Craig also brings back the possibility of Christoph Waltz who didn't get nearly enough screen time in Spectre. I would love to see those two get a full movie together, wouldn't you?

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