Daniel Craig Is Reportedly Officially Done with James Bond

It's not like we didn't see this coming. While making the press rounds promoting the last James Bond film Spectre, Daniel Craig made it pretty clear that he wasn't interested in making any more James Bond films. At one point he even said that he'd rather "slit his wrists" than do another Bond film. There were also previous rumours that he was going to exit the franchise.

Now Daily Mail is reporting that Craig is officially done with the franchise. Apparently, the studio was trying really hard to get him back and even offered him a large amount of money to do another film, which he reportedly turned down. That amount is reportedly $100 million. According to their inside source:

"Daniel is done – pure and simple – he told top brass at MGM after Spectre. They threw huge amounts of money at him, but it just wasn’t what he wanted.
"He had told people after shooting that this would be his final outing, but the film company still felt he could come around after Spectre if he was offered a money deal.
"One source said that executives had finally agreed to let the actor go after growing tired of his criticism of the franchise.
"With knee problems and general exhaustion, he felt it was a journey with an ending."

After all the talk and rumors that he wouldn't be coming back, this isn't surprising at all. What would be surprising is if he did agree to come back for another Bond movie at this point! 

I've enjoyed Craig's portrayal of this character, but I think it's time for him to go, so I'm completely ok with him not returning. The moment Tom Hiddleston said he'd be interested in playing James Bond, that's who I wanted to see in the role. Hopefully, something pans out with that.

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