Daniel Craig Reportedly Exiting BOND Franchise; Signs TV Deal for New Series

While there has been no official word, Den of Geek is reporting that it's more than likely Daniel Craig is exiting the Bond franchise. The rumor is being stoked by the fact that Craig signed on to a starring role in a 20 episode series called Purity. No network has purchased the rights to the show yet, but several have thrown their hat in the ring after learning Craig is involved.

With such a commitment, it seems all too likely that Craig will be booked up during the time table for the next James Bond film. It could also mean we aren't seeing a Bond film for awhile, which would mean Craig's exit as well as the actor is approaching 50.

While I fully support Craig pursuing his interests and having a career post Bond, I hate that he may go out on Spectre of all films! Skyfall would've been a much better end to the Craig era.

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