Daniel Craig's James Bond Movies Get Some Cool New Artwork

Ian Fleming's super spy James Bond has been making waves on our movie screens for more than fifty years, but despite the character's cinematic legacy, I don't see a lot of modern fan art dedicated to Bond or the Bond movies. Perhaps the character is too old fashioned for the hip young artists of today, or maybe the Bond community simply isn't as interested in fan art as other pop culture communities. Either way, today we actually do have a handful of cool Bond-related artwork to share with you, and a lot of them revolve around the recent set of films starring Daniel Craig.

This is the handiwork of artist Ibrahim Moustafa, whose work you can purchase here.

Additionally, I tracked down a few other Bond mini-posters on Moustafa's website that go back beyond Craig's tenure in the tux. These are pretty sweet, also.

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Via: XombieDirge

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