Danny Boyle is Developing a Prequel Series For THE BEACH

While I’m a fan of Danny Boyle and the films he’s made in his career, The Beach is a weird one that I never really connected with. It was just one of those films that didn’t work for me, but I know it has a fan base, and that fan base will be happy to learn that the filmmaker is currently working on a prequel series!

During an interview with The Independent, Boyle revealed that Amy Seimetz (The Girlfriend Experience) is currently developing the project, which Boyle called “a bit of a headfuck.” Boyle explains:

“The Beach may come back. [Seimetz] has taken The Beach and made a prequel for television. It’s the same character but it’s set now, so 20 years later—it’s a bit of a headfuck. It’s intriguing when you see it. I’ve read the first two scripts.”

Whoa, ok, that’s interesting. The film is set in modern day 20 years after the events of the first film, and It will follow the same character, Richard, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the original film… but it’s a prequel!? Color me confused, but I’ll bite.

The story is based on Alex Garland's 1996 novel and follows Richard as a young American traveler who goes to Thailand where he unexpectedly finds his way to a beautiful a mystical paradise island. But, this paradise doesn’t end up being all that it’s cracked up to be and he ends up bringing it down, through a series of crazy events.

It’ll be interesting to see how this sequel series ends up being a prequel. While The Beach isn’t my favorite Danny Boyle movie, I can’t help but be curious and intrigued to see how this series turns out!

What do you think about the details that have been revealed on it so far?

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