Danny Trejo Confirms MACHETE KILLS AGAIN IN SPACE Shoots This Year

Machete began as a fake trailer in 2007's Grindhouse, but director Robert Rodriguez and star Danny Trejo decided to give the character his own film series after a great response from fans. Personally, I think the two movies that have already been produced aren't as good as something like Hobo With A Shotgun, which I feel better captures that insane exploitation movie spirit. But Machete has his moments, and there's a third film on the way for those of you who can't get enough of the knife-wielding, womanizing Mexican action hero.

Even though Machete Kills earned just over $15 million worldwide, it seems the sequel — titled Machete Kills Again...In Space — is still happening. Trejo confirmed it in a recent interview with Halloween Daily News (via ComingSoon):

"Robert and I are going to start to do Machete Kills in Space, so that's going to be awesome. Absolutely. We're going to be working on it this year."

The good thing about the way Rodriguez makes movies is that he can keep the production costs way down by filming at his studios in Austin, Texas, so the films don't have to make that much back in order to break even. Seems like this is something they're really looking forward to, and after seeing the trailer, I feel like this might actually be a much better movie than Machete Kills just because it fully embraces the ridiculousness of its premise and goes all-out in the insanity department.

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