DAREDEVIL and Other Marvel Shows Will Be Referenced in the Marvel Films

We've seen and heard several references to the events that have taken place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the TV shows that Marvel has developed, but we have yet to see any Marvel movie reference any events in the shows. I'm sure that trend will continue with the upcoming series that Marvel is developing. 

In case you were wondering if the Marvel Cinematic Universe would ever reference the events taking place in the TV series like Daredevil and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the answer is yes. During a recent Q&A with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, he was asked if this would ever be the case, and he said it was inevitable. Here's his full response:

"I think that's inevitable at some point as we're plotting the movies going forward and they're doing the shows. It's easier for them. They're more nimble and faster and produce things quicker than we do, which is one of the main reasons you see the repercussions of Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron in the show. Going forward and certainly as they begin to do more shows and cast them with such great actors as they have -- particularly Daredevil -- that that may occur. A lot of it is by the time we start doing a movie, they'd be midway through a season; by the time it comes out they'd be done with the second, starting the third season. Finding timing on that is not always easy."

It will be interesting to see what this all leads too. Referencing the events of Daredevil in the movies would be cool. But you know what would be even cooler? Actually incorporating Daredevil into the movies!

At one point during the Q&A, someone asked about seeing Vincent D'Onforio's Kingpin going up against Peter Parker in a solo Spider-Man film. In regards to that, Feige said:

"I don't know, probably. That would probably be the cool thing to do. That particular scenario has not come up yet."

It will be interesting to see how the connections between the movies and shows ultimately play out, if they even play out at all. Do you think these things should be crossing over more, or do you think referencing certain events or characters is as far as Marvel should go, and that they should keep the movies and shows separate?

Via: IGN

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