DAREDEVIL VFX Breakdown Video for Ninja Fight Sequence

One of the things that I loved about Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil series was the fight sequences. Of course, they couldn’t fully complete their vision of these sequences without the help of visual effects. 

In case you are curious to see what effects were used to help bring these action-packed scenes to the screen, effects house Shade VFX has released a video that breaks down the VFX for the fight scene involving Daredevil and the ninja Nobu.

The majority of the video shows off the fight scene in its completed form, and then the last minute it shows you everything that was real and everything that was digital effects. Most of the effects were used to give Daredevil his wounds as well as some weapons used to help Nobu kick his ass. 

I’d love to see a breakdown of the long-take hallway fight scene from episode two that blew audiences away. You can relive the badassery of that here.

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